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EMS Tools

Tools of the Trade

Working in the EMS field as an EMT or paramedic can be an expensive undertaking, at least when it comes to keeping and maintaining your personal tools and equipment. That's why it is important to know that the tools we buy are going to hold up to repeated use over the long haul, otherwise we are just wasting money and with the economy the way it is these days, nobody can afford to do that.

Check out these excellent, hi-quality selections of essential tools for every EMT or paramedic's arsenal.

WANTYNU EMS Oxygen Wrench

One of the most commonly overlooked (or ignored) tools in the paramedic's arsenal is the oxygen wrench, at least until you need one. While these wrenches are not particularly expensive, when you weigh just how long some of the last and how often you have to replace them, they don't generally seem to hold their value very well, all things considered - especially if they are made of plastic or that cheap metal that can break in your hand at the most inopportune time.

That's why the only O2 wrench I recommend at all is the TK1 Tactical Oxygen Wrench from WANTYNU.

Watch the Video Demo Here.

Read more about the TK1 Wrench from WANTYNU.

Mini-Responder CPR Barrier Mask

Top Responder CPR Barrier Mask (w/ Glover Pouch)



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